Lighthouses (Faros) in Menorca

There are 7 lighthouses in Menorca, all very different, and all worth a visit if you like a good lighthouse or a good view!

Punta Nati Lighthouse

Situated on the cliffs of Punta Nati on the north-west coast of Menorca, the lighthouse makes an impressive sight with it’s 19m high tower standing out in the stark landscape. It was opened in 1913 following the wreck of a steamship. The surrounding terrain is quite barren and rocky, with gun turrets dotted around. It makes for a stunning backdrop to watch the sunset.

It’s around a 10 minute drive from Ciutadella. There’s a car park along the road to the lighthouse, but it’s still around 15 minute walk from the car park. You can not enter the lighthouse, but it’s still well worth a visit to watch the sunset. There are no facilities here, and walking shoes or rugged footwear is recommended.

Favaritx Lighthouse

Located in the north east of the island the construction of Favaritx lighthouse was completed in 1922, though not powered by electricity until 1971! The tower stands at 28m high, and is 47m above sea level.  The surrounding area is part of the S’Albufera des Grau Natural Park, a stunning and diverse area rich with wildlife. The exact area where the lighthouse is situated has a strange lunar type landscape made up of black rocks.

It’s around 20 minute drive from Mahon, or you can walk along the Cami de Cavells route from Es Grau to Favaritx. it’s around 8.5km. There are no facilities here.

During tourist season it may not be possible to drive directly to the lighthouse, a bus service is provided. Details can be seen here.

Lighthouse of Artrutx

Situated in the popular family resort of Cala’n Bosch on the south west coast. It was built in 1859, but the tower was significantly increased in 1969, it now stands at 34m high and makes an impressive sight on the headland of this resort. It stands 45m above sea level. The old living area of the lighthouse has been converted in to a bar and restaurant which is a popular place for people to go to watch the sunset.

There’s a small car park available when the restaurant in open, and easy parking areas in the roads next to the lighthouse. You can walk to the lighthouse from all areas of the resort, and you are not too far away from facilities at any point.



Set on the north coast of Menorca the 15m white tower stands 94m above sea level on the islands tallest cliffs. Prior to the lighthouse being built in 1857 there had been over 700 shipwrecks on this part of the coast! Whilst this lighthouse improved safety, the coast was still dangerous so two of the other lighthouses (Favaritx and Punta Nati) were built for extra protection.

There are ruins dotted around and a fantastic old cave to explore, take a torch and explore the tunnel leading to a spectacular view! There’s a small museum at the lighthouse which costs 3€ to enter. There is also a small cafe nearby.

It’s about 25 minute drive from Es Mercadel.

Please note, the gates that lead to the lighthouse are to control livestock so please close these after you.


Illa de l’Aire

Illa de l’Aire is a working lighthouse on the little uninhabited islet of Illa de l’Aire which is situated on the south east coast of Menorca. It’s the tallest of Menorca’s lighthouses and stands 53m above sea level with a tower of 38m. It was built sometime between 1857 and 1860. It had a live in lighthouse keeper until 1976 when the lamps were changed for automatic gas lamps, and then more recently in 1995 for a system that uses photovoltaic energy!

The surrounding area has fascinating wildlife, including the black Balearic lizards. The only way to get to the island and lighthouse is by boat.


Sa Farola

An active 19th century lighthouse close to the port of Ciutadella, designed by architect Emili Pou. It was completed in 1863, but has been modified over the years. It sits 21m above sea level and the tower stands at 13m tall. in 2015 there were contested plans to convert the building in to a hotel, protests ensured the plan was shelved!

The surrounding area has the old capital of Ciutadella just over 1km away along the Cami de Cavalls, passing a couple of beautiful (but tiny!) coves on the way.


Sant Carles

This lighthouse guards the port of Mahon (locally written as Maó) The original Sant Carles lighthouse first opened in 1852. It was taken down in 1917 because it caused an obstruction to nearby military firing practice! Some of the rubble was used to construct one of the islands other lighthouses. In it’s place a 10m high concrete tower was built. It stands 22m above sea level. It’s situated along the road from Mahon to Es Castell, around 5 miles from Mahon. Access is restricted due to it’s location within military installations.